Difference Between FCFF & FCFE

FCFF and FCFE are two types of Free Cash Flows; where FCFF belongs to an unlevered Free Cash Flow and FCFE to a levered Free Cash Flow, there also have many benefits and drawbacks of both the free cash flows that one should be aware of. Below we have mentioned detailed versions of each crucial […]

How to find investors for start-ups in India?

Found it good that you are planning for a start-up, and even better that you think to give it a strong base first, putting efforts to enhance your start-up idea and getting it on board is two shores, and to cut-off distance between them, investors are the one who helps. HOW? We are here to […]

Top 10 Most Active Angel Investors For Indian Startups

Introduction It is no secret that angel investors play an essential role in the growth of ecosystems, as many successful entrepreneurs decide to help upcoming startups with funding and mentorship. Angel investors of India have become a vital source of funding for ventures, either alongside or as a choice to traditional venture capital firms.  According […]


Business Valuation Services – The Importance of Well negotiated deal with Venture Capital Firms

WHAT ARE BUSINESS VALUATION SERVICES? A company valuation service provides businesses, especially startups with numerous facts and figures regarding the true worth or value of the company. It helps with the elements for the financial and ongoing preparation of creditors in terms of market competition, asset values, and income values.  This information is something that […]


Top 9 Easy Ways To Fund Your Startup

Having an idea for an innovative business is a big deal, but getting that business from an idea to a reality is a complex and difficult process. Building a business from the ground up is tough, as to start a business, one needs to obtain funds and capital.  In this blog we have broken down […]


Top 10 India’s Biggest Startups By Valuation

The analytical process of evaluating the present or projected worth of an asset or a firm is known as valuation. This process helps to determine the economic value of a business or company. Business valuation can be used to identify the fair value of a business for different reasons like sale value, establishing partner ownership, […]

Get Valuation Report for Raising Funds from Investors

We provide valuation services that assess the optimal value of businesses.

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