Valuation Under IBC

Valuation Under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC)


As per the Companies Rules, 2017, valuation under the IBC should be conducted by a valuer registered with the IBBI. Acquiring assets valuation is crucial for any acquisition to take informed decisions under the IBC. The main purpose of valuation under IBC is to be transparent and determine the fair value of the assets resulting in a more relevant decision by the committee of creditors.

The company assets are classified into three asset category classes i.e., land and building, plant and machinery, securities, or financial assets. My Valuation holds a leading position for providing IBC valuation in India. With our extensive experience in the valuation of assets under IBC, we help businesses get the valuation of real estate, plant, and machinery.

Provisions Under IBC That Requires Valuation Report

Section 59(3)(b)(ii) of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Section 46(2) of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Regulation 27 read with Regulation 35 of the IBBI (Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2016

Regulation 35 of the IBBI (Liquidation Process) Regulations, 2016

Regulation 3(1)(b)(ii) of the IBBI (Voluntary Liquidation Process) Regulations, 2017

Regulation 34 of the IBBI (Fast Track Insolvency Resolution Process for Corporate Persons) Regulations, 2017

IBC Valuation Service

My Valuation has significant experience and expertise in undertaking valuation under the Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code (IBC). The valuers in our team are certified to value assets, making us one of the best valuation consultants in India.

We transparently assist businesses in ascertaining the true value of the company as per the international valuation standards issued by International Valuation Standards Council. Our team prepares well-informed valuation reports useful for both commercial and statutory purposes.

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