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Business Valuation Services in India

With the continuous change in the business environment, having the right value and understanding of business is crucial to make optimal decisions.

Business valuation can help determine the economic value of a company used for a variety of purposes like reconstruction, sale, taxation, financing and strategic management, fundraising, and others.

It requires proven expertise and insights from business valuation specialists to provide business valuation services that can keep the business on the path to opportunity and success.

As the trusted business valuation service provider in India, My Valuation combines the strengths of extensive experience and business acumen to provide the best company valuation service. Our robust business valuation services are aligned with the best practices accepted.

Accurate Business Valuation Service

Crafting the true value of the business through the right business valuation method.

My Valuation is a reputed service provider of business valuation services in India. With the help of our registered valuer and expert valuation consultant, we provide comprehensive business valuation services for various purposes, including fundraising, statutory compliance, financial reporting, partner ownership, taxation, investment, and risk management.

Through effective business valuation processes and methods, we help businesses determine the most accurate value useful in planning funding, buying, and selling a business, raising funds through private placement, private equity and exit strategies.

Reasons to Choose Business Valuation

Our Business Valuation Services

Business Valuation for Fund Raising

Business Valuation For Fundraising

Company Valuation For Debt Reconstruction

Company Valuation For Debt Reconstruction

Brand & Intangibles Business Valuation

Brand & Intangibles Business Valuation

Business Valuation For Financing & Strategic Management

Business Valuation For Financing & Strategic Management

Business Valuation For Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Business Valuation For Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Business Valuation During Acquisitions And Mergers

Business Valuation
During Acquisitions And Mergers

Valuation For Legal And Compliance Needs

Valuation For Legal And Compliance Needs

Valuation For Financial Reporting Purposes

Valuation For Financial Reporting Purposes

Understanding Business for its Valuation

Business valuation services help determine the estimated economic business value, allowing business owners and their advisors to make informed, logical, and strategic investment decisions.

Fair value is determined by considering multiple factors, like promoter’s experience, client base, business reputation, physical assets, client lifetime value, intangible assets, technical know-how, etc. Business valuation help investors and buyers evaluate the market worth of private companies, corporations, start-ups, and SMEs.

Business Valuation Firm in Bangalore, India

My Valuation is one of the top Business Valuation service providers in India. Our team of expert valuers has the capabilities to address the various valuation complexities and provides comprehensive guidance on business valuation matters.

We use the latest methods that meet regulatory and legal requirements for accurate and ideal business valuation. With profound sector knowledge, we offer top-notch business valuation services to a wide business sector, including startups and corporations.

Find the Right Value for Your Business with Our Top Business Valuation Services

Reasons for Undertaking Business Valuation

For fundraising

For statutory compliance

For commercial and negotiation advantages

For calculating the equity stake

When offering business or a portion of a business for sale

For evaluating business value

For collaborating with strategic investors

During insolvencies, mergers, and takeovers from joint venture agreements

Business Valuation

Advantages Of Business Valuation

Greater Knowledge Of Business Assets

Business valuation involves conducting an in-depth analysis of business assets crucial for business owners seeking investment.

Accurate Business Valuation Of A Company

Provides an accurate estimate of the company value, growth trend, retention of money, and potential direction.


Valuation experts assist business owners in model auditing, platform pricing, evaluating fair value, and much more.

Insight Into Company Resale Value

Business valuation gives access to company resale worth helpful in negotiating higher selling prices and navigating future sales with confidence.

Access To More Investors

Before investing, investors need to understand the company, its market worth, and its growth potential. Business valuation reports help investors convey your company’s true worth to investors.

Increased Financing

Business owners seeking investment from financial institutions require a business valuation. An accurate valuation report enables the bank to understand true market value, resulting in increased

Different Business Valuation Methods

This is another common method of business valuation that estimates the value of a business based on its expected future earning value.

There are two types of valuation methods in the Income valuation approach.

A. Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Analysis

Valuation Formula: Present Value = Future Cash Flows / (1 + Discount Rate) ^ Number of Years.

B. Capitalization of Earnings (CapE) Formula

Valuation Formula: CapE Value = Earnings / Capitalization rate

This valuation approach is used to estimate the business’s value on the (certain multiples) of comparable companies. This method is ideal for real estate businesses and publicly traded companies.

There are two types of valuation methods in the Market valuation approach.

A. Market Capitalization Method

Valuation Formula: Market Cap = Total Outstanding Shares * Share Price

B. Market Multiple

Valuation Formula: Value = Multiple * Earnings or Revenue

This method estimates the correct and accurate value of a company by evaluating its assets. These assets can be stocks, brands, goodwill, etc.

There are two types of valuation methods in the Asset valuation approach.

A. Liquidation Value Method

Valuation Formula: Liquidation Value = Liquidation Value of Assets – Liquidation Value of Liabilities

B. Net Asset Value

Valuation Formula: Net Asset Value = (Total Assets – Total (Outsider) Liabilities)/Total Company Shares

Step by Step Process of Business Valuation

When Does A Business Need A Valuation Report?

Fund Raising

Accurate business valuation report for assistance in negotiation with investors.

Transfer/Sell Business

To realize the fair market value of a business with true business value estimation.

Mergers and Acquisition

To Derive the Exchange ratio for Merger/Acquisition/Amalgamation.

Statutory Compliance

Businesses and Corporates are required to provide valuation report from registered valuer under various statutes.

Debt Instruments

As per the companies act 2013, there is one more way of raising funds other than issuing equity i.e. by way of debt instruments which are namely bonds and debentures, In order to issue the same, these instruments need to be valued.


Registered Valuer valuation report to launch the ESOPs in a company.

FOREX Transactions & Overseas Transactions

Valuation of a company, when an investment is done through FDI & ODI.

Track Business KPIs

Track business KPIs through yearly updates and meet strategic business objectives.

How Does My Valuation Help?

My Valuation is one of the top business valuation firms in India. We have a team of registered valuers and valuation experts highly skilled in preparing business valuation reports for various businesses.

We have proven experience and expertise performing business valuation for a variety of purposes using the best valuation methods that meet regulatory and legal protocols and standard-setting bodies. We help businesses with the best business valuation services.

Why Choose My Valuation For Business Valuation Services

Takeover open Offer

Deep Understanding:

We have extensive experience and knowledge of Indian businesses, valuation methods, and requirements.


Expert Team

We have a team of experienced and highly professional business valuation consultants passionate about delivering the best valuation assistance.

startup analysis

Extensive Research:

Our team performs extensive research to prepare the most exact business valuation estimation.

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    1. How do I calculate the value of my business?

    The value of your business can be calculated using various business valuation methods (Approach) like income-based approaches, market-based approaches, and asset-based approaches. The selection of valuation method and business valuation formula varies depending on business requirements.

    2. Which multiples are used for valuing startups?

    There are different multiples that can be used for startup valuation such as revenue multiples, EBITDA multiples, and user/customer base multiples. Moreover, the average revenue multiple for startup valuation varies depending on the start-up’s growth pace.

    A Start up gets the valuation multiple based on which industry it operates, what is the industry outlook and growth expectation of that industry.

    3. Why is a business valuation needed?

    It is needed to get necessary insights into a company’s financial health and market position that can be helpful in selling, merging, or strategic planning.

    4. What is the best method of business valuation?

    There are several methods of business valuation. Choosing the right one depends on the business’s nature and goals. Below are some of the best business valuation methods used for comprehensive and accurate business valuation:

    • Market Capitalization
    • Times Revenue Method
    • Earnings Multiplier
    • Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method
    • Book Value
    • Liquidation Value

    5. What is the best method for startup valuation?

    Below are some of the best methods for startup valuation:

    • The method of Scorecard Valuation
    • The Venture Capital Method
    • The Berkus Method
    • The Book Value Method
    • Method of Comparable Transactions
    • Method for Summarizing Risk Factors
    • The Discounted Cash Flow Method
    • The Cost-to-Duplicate Method

    6. Who needs a business valuation?

    Business valuations are essential for various firms and various stakeholders, including business owners, potential buyers, investors, and legal entities.

    7. How does VC valuation work?

    Venture capital (VC) valuation helps determine a start-up’s pre-money valuation and assess its potential for growth and profitability.

    VC valuation process includes the calculation of the investment’s projected exit price, current post-money valuation, and time, cost, and risk consideration of investors.

    8. What factors do we consider while doing business valuation?

    For an accurate business valuation report, we consider multiple factors such as financial performance, market conditions, industry trends, and competitive landscape during the business valuation process.

    9. How much revenue is a business worth?

    Finding how much a business is worth can be determined generally by one-time sales within a certain range and two-time sales revenue.

    10. Who can offer valuation services?

    Business valuation services in India can be offered by certified and top business valuation firms that have a team of registered valuers and valuation experts. My Valuation is one such firm, highly renowned for offering the best business valuation and helping businesses of all sizes with accurate and reliable business valuation reports. Add the requirement by law [Companies act, 2013- CA RVO] and [Income tax act – Merchant Banker]

    Get Valuation Report for Raising Funds from Investors

    We provide valuation services that assess the optimal value of businesses.

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