Valuation Under Companies Act

Valuation Under Companies Act

Valuation under the Companies Act 2013 is a study of a company’s assets and liabilities regarding its financial position in comparison to similar companies. The examination includes the fair value of each asset in the balance sheet and the value of each liability in the income statement of the company.

There are some important rules and regulations under the Companies Act 2013 to obtain a valuation report. Under the Companies Act 2013, the valuation of property, stocks, shares, debentures, securities, goodwill, or any other company assets or net worth or liabilities is dealt with. The section aims for transparency and accountability in the business valuation process to protect the interests of shareholders and investors.

Sections Requiring Valuation Under the Companies Act 2013

Section 62: Further Issue Of Shares

Section 230: Compromise Or Make Arrangements With Creditors And Members

Section 232: Corporate Mergers And Amalgamations

Section 236: Minority Stake Purchase

Section 260: Company Administrator’s Authority and Responsibilities

Section 281: Liquidation Of Company

Section 192: Valuation Of Assets Other Than Cash

Registered Valuer For Valuation Under Companies Act, 2013

Under the Companies Act 2013, the valuation of shares, stocks, debentures, goodwill, securities, properties, or any other asset should be done by a registered valuer. The registered valuer must be registered with the IBBI – Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India and comply with the Code of Conduct.

At My Valuation, we are a team of IBBI-registered valuation professionals who have a firm understanding of valuation under the Companies Act, 2013. Following extensive research, we provide a complete valuation report in the prescribed format and manner based on internationally accepted valuation standards.

ESOP Valuation

ESOP Planning & Valuation Services

ESOP valuation is needed for accounting purposes to register compensation expenses by the company issuing ESOPs and for taxation purposes for calculating tax payable by employees. As per the Income Tax law, ESOP valuation can only be done by a SEBI Registered (Cat-I) Merchant Banker.

At My Valuation, we are a team of SEBI Registered (Cat-I) Merchant Bankers, and IBBI registered valuers helping companies with the best ESOP Valuations services. After a thorough examination, our ESOP specialists help build long-term incentive plans and determine the true worth for ESOP holders.

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Strategic Planning




ESOP Valuation


Legal Advisory

Statutory Compliances


ESOP Trust Creation


Merger & Acquisition Valuation Services By Top Valuers

Mergers & Acquisitions valuation services help determine the interest value and identify any existing tax-related synergies. At My Valuation, we are a team of experienced financial professionals who have extensive knowledge and experience in Mergers & Acquisitions Valuation.

With high certification, our corporate legal and finance experts provide valuation advice to mergers, demergers, acquisitions, takeovers, management, and stakeholders in M&A transactions, acquisitions or sales of a company, capital investment appraisals, and strategic reviews.

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Demerger and Hive off

Slump Sale and Asset Sale

Slump Sale and Asset Sale

Takeover open Offer

Takeover Open Offer

Company and Business Acquisitions

Company and Business Acquisitions

Deal Structuring, Negotiation & Joint Venture Advisory

Deal Structuring, Negotiation & Joint Venture Advisory

Business Restructuring and Financial Re-Engineering

Business Restructuring and Financial Re-Engineering


IND AS Valuation

IND AS Valuation is a way of obtaining the company value crucial for determining a stand in the financial markets. At My Valuation, we have a specialized team of Ind AS valuation consultants who assist firms in finding value for their stakeholders with the right and reliable valuation reports created using DCF and other methods.

Our IND AS valuation reports and certificates are well-structured and can be used for commercial and Valuation certificates for regulatory compliance purposes.

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Financial Instruments – Ind AS 109

Business Combinations – Ind AS 103

Investment Property – Ind AS 40

Intangible Assets – Ind AS 38

Property, Plant, and Equipment – Ind AS 16

Impairment of Assets – Ind AS 36

Share-based payments – IND AS 102 (ESOP – cash and equity-settled)

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