A company valuation service provides businesses, especially startups with numerous facts and figures regarding the true worth or value of the company. It helps with the elements for the financial and ongoing preparation of creditors in terms of market competition, asset values, and income values. 

This information is something that allows business owners to focus on the strategic aspects of the company financially. Valuation reports are carefully prepared from consistency and quantity to find the true worth of the market. 

The company valuation services also encourage potential investors to analyze focused start-ups and SMEs small and mid-sized enterprises.


Startup valuation is the process of identifying the worth of a company and its valuation. 

The valuation of a startup is essential for an investor to determine the amount of equity or valuation of private company shares an entrepreneur has to give to an investor in exchange for required funds. 

This indicates that if a business has a higher valuation, it has to give a smaller valuation of private company shares to an investor in exchange for seed investment.

Overall benefits of getting business and startup valuations service are 

  1. Better Knowledge of Company Assets
  2. Understanding of Company Resale Value
  3. Obtain a True Company Value
  4. Better During Mergers/Acquisitions
  5. Access to More Investors


Negotiation is very important for any business. A good negotiation helps keep a career moving forward by capitalizing on the advantages of negotiation in business.

 Negotiation is the key to getting ahead in resolving conflicts and devising value in contracts. 


After resolving important issues with business and startup valuation or valuation advisory services such as comprehending the worth of your business in which the investors will put their money and the type of protection they will receive, understanding of how to negotiate a great deal is increasingly necessary.

Negotiating with a Venture Capital firm is not a cakewalk, raising money has now become an art. Not only new startups but also big companies face trouble during negotiations.

Negotiating is like fighting a battle for what you want, you either seal the deal or go home with nix.

How do you achieve a successful negotiation?

Build Trust 

Don’t undervalue the importance of trust that you will build with investors. 

Building trust by not just focusing on the financial value an investor will provide will help build trust between you and the Venture Capital Firm. Cultivating a partnership with your investors is important to your business’s success. 

Displaying financial graphs and charts is the way you can prove to your investors that it’s achievable. You can also convey the potential results if the actual goal doesn’t go as planned. This will ensure them that their funds will be in good hands.

Prepare Yourself

Before entering into a negotiation, equip yourself with accurate information. Get as many facts as you can that are appropriate to the subject of negotiations.

Knowing the output you want to attain isn’t enough to get the person’s attention. Showing a plan of how to carry out the goals to how much you want to target will aid you more.

To create an effective business plan, you need to be as precise as possible. You need to be sure about goals, they should be manageable, strategic for your business growth, and highlight the fund needs to achieve the end goals.

Having facts on your side gives you a position of strength and ingrains confidence.

Decide What You Want 

Great negotiators know what they want before entering into a conversation. Better yet, they know what they want and what they won’t accept. If you aren’t ready to walk away, then you’re potentially putting yourself up to make a bad deal.

Also, know going in that you aren’t going into a win-win situation.

Accept Feedback

Every meeting with investors will test your patience and limitations. Learn to accept the criticism by asking the clarifications to understand their point of view and then work on the feedback. The Reason behind many negotiations failing is lack of preparation.


It is extremely challenging for startups to get true company value and investment.

My Valuation is a full-service business valuation and advisory firm. With a professional skilled team and IBBI registered valuer, our goal is to aid businesses in figuring out the complexities of valuation and helping them assess their business.

We provide startup valuation, valuation advisory services, corporate valuation, private company valuation, and all-around business valuation services to find out the value and worth of your business.

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