Pitch Deck & Expert Financial Modeling Services For Startups

Pitch Deck & Expert Financial Modeling Services for Startups

To attract investors and survive in this competitive business space, startups need to have a solid investor pitch and financial projections for fundraising. Mapping out a financial roadmap, marketing strategy, startup valuations, exit strategy, etc., with precision is significant for achieving goals and securing funding.

However, creating relevant financial projections that accurately outline a startup’s financial information and investment opportunity requires expert guidance and support. Whether it is about structuring a pitch deck for seed-stage startups or financial modeling for pre-series and above startups, My Valuation can assist all in the best way.

We are the most trusted pitch deck and financial modeling service provider in India. Through our years of experience and industry-specific knowledge, we help startups navigate the complexities of fundraising by providing accurate financial modeling.

Winning Pitch Decks For Startups

A startup pitch deck is a gateway to secure funds for business success and growth. An effective pitch deck allows you to create a presentation that clearly communicates your business plan, goals, metrics, vision, and more to help your startup in funding.

My Valuation provides accurate and reliable pitch decks service in India and has helped multiple startups in their fundraising journey. Our team of experts designs professional pitch decks for startups that carve a successful path to secure funding.

We Help You With

Professional Content

Convincing Narrative & Storyline

Target Market Research

Appealing Design

NDA Protection

Accurate Financial Projections

Detailed Financial Modelling For Startups

What Is Financial Modeling?

Financial modeling is a process of creating a research-driven report of a startup’s future financial performance. The purpose of financial modeling is to help a startup track gross and net margin KPIs and forecast the startup’s future performance according to critical metrics. It is essential for startups for data-driven decision-making.

Why Financial Modeling Is Important For Startups?

Solid financial modeling helps with a detailed representation of a startup’s financial position to allow startup owners to calculate cash flow, make confident decisions, and create robust plans for successful fundraising.

Financial Modeling Services

Financial modeling services in India by My Valuation are highly trusted by startups. Our team of financial experts helps startups with accurate financial projections to give valuable insights about future performance.

We specialize in different types of financial models for startups, such as the 3-Statement Financial Model, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis (DCF), Merger & Acquisition model (M&A), and others. Through our investor-focused approach, we provide customized financial modeling to facilitate successful startup fundraising.

Financial Modelling Includes

top down forecasting

Top-Down Forecasting

bottom up forecasting

Bottom-Up Forecasting

pro forma statement

Pro Forma Statements

Operational Cash Flow

Operational Cash Flow

Key Metrics / KPIs

Key Metrics / KPIs

We Help You With


Accurate Financial Projections

startup analysis

In-Depth Startup Analysis

Financial Model

Financial Model Customization

Market analytics

Market Analysis


Valuation Report

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