Sources Of Capital For A Business

Before going for the sources, let’s talk a little bit of capital. What is Capital for a Business: The definition of capital in business refers to anything that the owner or founder can utilize and use to generate revenue or more value. One can define capital in different forms such as cash or other assets [...]

Everything about Residual Income Valuation Model

One of the most popular options for valuing businesses is The Residual Income Model or the residual income valuation model. Very simple, this model assumes that the value of the company is equals to present value of all future residual income and discounted at the cost of equity. In comparison to the other methods such [...]

Understanding Market Sizing & Valuation

Let’s say that you have several years thinking, executing and building your business and bringing it up to your customers. Despite having all the required things for a successful business like a good product and service, a huge brand and goodwill, the customers love what you are offering, still business is running in loss. The [...]

Why do Start-ups fail to make it big Beyond First Year?

Kudos to you if you are doing the start-up business as building a start-up from the ground up is a brave and strong task. Entrepreneurship and running a start-up may be exhilarating and stressful but on a longer run and professional front, it is extremely satisfying. You get to dictate your own terms and make [...]

Start-up valuations are booming and there’s a good reason why?

What is the valuation of your company ? “Have you done any valuation for your company ?”While watching the famous “Shark Tank” TV series, all of must have heard these statements from the business giants to the people who are there presenting their business ventures and start-ups. The big question arises here is what is [...]

Startup Valuation Methods: A Detailed Guide

Valuation is an important aspect of every company, just like it is in any other firm. It is especially crucial when companies are looking for initial capital and need to determine the true market worth of their products. What is Startup Valuation? Startup valuation is the process of assessing the worth of a company at […]


Difference Between FCFF & FCFE

FCFF and FCFE are two types of Free Cash Flows; where FCFF belongs to an unlevered Free Cash Flow and FCFE to a levered Free Cash Flow, there also have many benefits and drawbacks of both the free cash flows that one should be aware of. Below we have mentioned detailed versions of each crucial […]

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