The Importance of Accurate Valuation for Startup Funding

A guide for entrepreneurs on how to value their business for fundraising purposes. The Importance of Accurate Valuation for Startup Funding: A guide for entrepreneurs on how to value their business for fundraising purposes When it comes to raising capital for a startup, one of the most important aspects to consider is the valuation of [...]

Valuing an Early Stage Startup Company

Valuing a business startup can be a tricky and difficult task. Determining the worth of a startup is often a difficult challenge for those who are not familiar with the process. The process of valuing a startup is an important skill for any entrepreneur or business owner who is looking to raise capital or sell [...]

Sources Of Capital For A Business

Before going for the sources, let’s talk a little bit of capital. What is Capital for a Business: The definition of capital in business refers to anything that the owner or founder can utilize and use to generate revenue or more value. One can define capital in different forms such as cash or other assets [...]

Everything about Residual Income Valuation Model

One of the most popular options for valuing businesses is The Residual Income Model or the residual income valuation model. Very simple, this model assumes that the value of the company is equals to present value of all future residual income and discounted at the cost of equity. In comparison to the other methods such [...]

Understanding Market Sizing & Valuation

Let’s say that you have several years thinking, executing and building your business and bringing it up to your customers. Despite having all the required things for a successful business like a good product and service, a huge brand and goodwill, the customers love what you are offering, still business is running in loss. The [...]

Everything about Advisory Shares

Starting a business or a company is a great idea for sure. But the other side of the story is almost 95% of the start-ups fail to make it big and approx. 99% of the start-ups never get funded. The road to success and make your business market fit is long and continuous. The major [...]

Top 9 Easy Ways To Fund Your Startup

Having an idea for an innovative business is a big deal, but getting that business from an idea to a reality is a complex and difficult process. Building a business from the ground up is tough, as to start a business, one needs to obtain funds and capital.  In this blog we have broken down […]


Top 10 India’s Biggest Startups By Valuation

The analytical process of evaluating the present or projected worth of an asset or a firm is known as valuation. This process helps to determine the economic value of a business or company. Business valuation can be used to identify the fair value of a business for different reasons like sale value, establishing partner ownership, […]