It is no secret that angel investors play an essential role in the growth of ecosystems, as many successful entrepreneurs decide to help upcoming startups with funding and mentorship.

Angel investors of India have become a vital source of funding for ventures, either alongside or as a choice to traditional venture capital firms. 

According to sources, in 2021, Indian startups have raised a whopping $25 billion in funding, and there is a big hand of Indian angel investors in that. Angel investing has never been so prevalent in India, as a record amount of Rs 746 crores has poured into early-stage deals in 2021.

What Is an Angel Investor?

An angel investor is also referred to by different names, such as a private investor, seed investor, or angel funder. An Angel investor is a wealthy private investor who provides financial backing for small business ventures, typically in exchange for ownership equity in the company. Unlike a venture capital firm that uses an investment fund, angels use their own net worth.

Top 10 Angel Investors in India

Here we’ve put together a list of some of the most active early-stage angel investors.

1. Amit Lakhotia

Amit Lakhotia is the Founder and CEO of Park+. He founded his smart auto parking firm Park+ in 2019 for solving parking problems in India.

He is very much active in investing in startups and has been an angel investor in fintech startup BharatPe, and social commerce platform Trell.

Amit participated in 9 funding deals in 2021 and funded startups like Fixcraft, GoKwik, and Junio.

Number of Investments – 14

Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Series A – Locofast on Feb 28, 2022, when Locofast raised $15M.

2. Anjali Bansal

Anjali Bansal is a founder of Avaana Capital which invests in and provides scaling up support to innovation-led startups. She has been an active angel investor in India with investments in various early and growth stage consumer companies.

In 2021, she invested in more than five startups, that included Clinikk, Mudrex, Qapita, Goldsetu, and Anveshan. She has also invested in many unicorn startups such as IPO-bound Delhivery, Urban Company, Darwinbox, publicly-listed Nykaa, and Lenskart. 

Number of Investments – 13

Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Seed Round – Goldsetu on Feb 7, 2022, when Goldsetu raised ₹80M.

3. Amit Somani

Amit Somani serves as an Investor at MindTickle and as Managing Partner at Prime Venture Partners, an early-stage fund investing in technology startups in India. 

Additionally, Amit previously had worked as a Chief Product Officer at MakeMyTrip and as a Head of Product at Google India.

He has invested in various organizations such as CollPoll, Sunstone Eduversity, Hiration, and much more.

Number of Investments – 5 ( Partner Investment)

Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Series B – PlanetSpark on Dec 7, 2021, when PlanetSpark raised $13.5M.

4. Anuj Srivastava

Anuj Srivastava is the founder and CEO of recently stamped unicorn Livspace. He started his career as a manager in the PepsiCo Management Leadership Program, where later he joined Google as global head of product marketing and growth.

In 2021 he invested in many startups such as lifestyle brand Nastasia, health insurance startup Plum, an Ayurveda doctor platform NirogStreet and more.

Number of Investments – 10

Recent Investments –  Their latest investment was Series B – NirogStreet on Dec 24, 2021, when NirogStreet raised $4M.

5. Anupam Mittal

Anupam Mittal is the founder and CEO of the People Group – A New Media & Entertainment group, which contains businesses such as,, and Mauj Mobile.

Over the years, he has funded more than 50 startups including Ola,  Gobbly, Druva, Whatfix, and GoKwik. From where he invested in 11 startups in Shark Tank India.

Number of Investments – 67

Recent Investments –  Their latest investment was Pre Seed Round – Carragreen on Mar 9, 2022, when Carragreen raised ₹5M.

6. Binny Bansal

Binny Bansal is an Indian software engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded the e-commerce platform Flipkart in 2007 with his partner and associate Sachin Bansal.

Binny Bansal has been actively investing in startups as an angel investor and made more than 62 investments till now. And 12 startup investments were made in 2021 which include HireOutient, Skillr, PlanetSpark, Shyft, Ula, Lysto, BrightChamps, and more.

Number of Investments – 62
Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Series B – Wasoko on Mar 16, 2022, when Wasoko raised $125M.

7. Deepinder Goyal

Deepinder Goyal is the CEO and founder of Zomato, an online restaurant service. Before starting Zomato, he worked as a management consultant with Bain and Company in New Delhi, where is got the idea to start Zomato. 

Till now, he has invested in 14 businesses in India. Wherein, 2021 he has invested in around 7 companies including Shiprocket, Animall, Multiplier, Unacademy, Ultrahuman, Geniemode, and Pristyn Care.

Number of Investments – 14

Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Series B – Park+ on Feb 7, 2022.

8. Harshil Mathur

Harshil Mathur is the CEO of Razorpay, where he led his firm to the height of success in the fintech industry. Harshil Mathur mostly invests in new-age startups that want to thrive in business and learn how he does it.

In 2021, he invested 5 businesses that include Toplyne, OneCode, Newton School, GlobalFair, and Volopay.

Number of Investments – 9

Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Seed Round – Hypd Marketing Technologies Pvt Ltd on Jan 24, 2022, when Hypd Marketing Technologies Pvt Ltd raised ₹110M.

9. Rajan Anandan

Rajan Anandan is an Indian angel investor and managing director of Google India and Sequoia Capital. He has invested in more than 50 businesses in India’s growing startup industry.

He has invested in various popular startups that include Instamojo, Popxo, ZipGo, Dunzo, Rapido, Innov8, Unacademy, and CroFarm.

Number of Investments- 74

Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Seed Round – Omnify Inc on Oct 8, 2020

10. Sanjay Mehta

Sanjay Mehta is the founder and partner of 100X.VC. He belongs to various organizations – Venture Nursery, Indian Angel Network, and Mumbai Angel Network.

Several of his investments include Oyo Rooms Block, One, Coolberg, CoinDCX, Box8, Unbxd, LogiNext, FabAlley, WowMomo, and Zippr.

Number of Investments – 17

Recent Investments – Their latest investment was Seed Round – Nuo on Apr 4, 2020, when Nuo raised $3M.


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